Enjoy best gaming experience & entertainment

Games are smooth while playing with Xbox One S

Enjoy over 1300 + games with a smooth experience the top hit games can be played very smoothly enoy amazing product from Xbox One S.

Your all data on cloud so you never miss

Cloud Store

All of your games and progress are saved in a cloud backup.

Digital Library

You can take your Xbox One S anywhere with saved progress.

Pre-installed Games

Your Xbox One S comes with pre-installed games.

Enjoy access to over 1000+ premium games at very low price.

Enjoy 4k Experience in the best manner

4K Streaming

Enjoy live 4K quality streaming.

4K Blu-Ray

Enjoy 4K Blu-Ray quality.

Spatial audio

To soothe your ears spatial audio is the best.

Unlimited access to apps

A lot of games, A lot of fun. Xbox One S has the amazing collection of games and apps.

Realistic experience of playing games

Xbox one S allows you to stream, Play and record. So when you wanna have fun you can there is unlimited fun that you can have with Xbox one s.


High Dynamic Range

Amazing graphics with HDR



4K Resolution

4K video streaming

Spatial audio

Spatial audio for soothe your ears.


Benifites of HDR

HDR enables you to watch small details of any video or graphics, HDR enables you more visual in dept so you can go more far better than others.

Friends are always there for your help!

Bring your friends to the live battleground and with their help win all the world and set your flag on the world map.

Mixer allows you to watch and play alongside so why just play if you can watch and play so enjoy this great feature in Xbox one S.

Enjoy the leaders of gaming industry, Great brands with great games only for you because we know you are here to play and we do it smoothly.

You know! You can play anywhere just plug and play your saved games.


Xbox One S games and accessories works together

Xbox One S works with your accessories and games at the same time, You can sync your real-time data so why not choose Xbox.

Xbox One s

Blu-Ray, 4K, Gaming and more, Xbox One s has brought you most amazing Xbox One S games and some cool features enabled for you to access great entertainment.

Xbox One s

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

Disc-Free gaming allows you to store more and play more...

The most powerful gaming console of the world...